Jason & Veronica

By 01/11/2017TESTIMONIAL

Professional Well-versed with the rules/ regulations governing HDB/ private property (sounds easy to some people, but his knowledge enabled a smooth transition from HDB to private property). Before any potential buyers’ viewing, he arrived earlier to ready the house and locked the house after viewings. These little acts may be often overlooked/ dismissed as ‘standard’ by others. Yet he executed these “little acts” to perfection.

Savvy with Know-How Leveraged on latest equipment to portray our house positively. The 360 degree angle view depicted the house more accurately than 2D photos from conventional cameras. He also tapped on different avenues to market our house using the latest technologies, and his network of fellow agents to attract potential buyers. Accountable & responsive During the 9-mths engagement period, he was never missing-in-action. He provided timely feedback after each viewing by potential buyers, or follow up on queries after our viewing for new house. In the interim, he was also patient with our questions and always responded within a reasonable time. This was important to us as it reassured us that our needs were not neglected after he was appointed.

Achieves results For what it was worth, the above qualities counted for nothing if there’re no results. He was able to deliver the results within a reasonable period. He found a buyer for our house within 3 wks of listing. During new house search, he was efficient in providing a range of housing options that met our criteria. As a result, our new house was secured 10 wks after search commenced. Overall, Nick’s reading of market trends was astute. We relied on his advice to determine selling price, and assess list prices for our search. He always acted in the best interest of his clients. Case in point: he was aggressive to push for a lower purchase price for our new house, even at his expense. Without a doubt, we’ll definitely recommend him to family/ friends. “Good Things Must Share”